A partnership of more than 40 organizations working together to advance digital health

Digital Square is an initiative that focuses on aligning the digital health sector—convening members of the global community to collaborate in order to fund, design, build, and sustain comprehensive digital health systems. Digital Square works with governments to strengthen capacity, with donors to identify new ways to invest, and partners to advance adaptable open source tools.

We believe in a world where digital health systems work for everyone.

Digital health can unlock better access to higher-quality services at lower costs—all at the same time. Countries around the world are transforming their health systems to take advantage of these tools and technologies, and the data they produce. Together with governments, donors, and partners, Digital Square wants everyone, everywhere to benefit from health care enhanced by digital technologies in order to improve health outcomes worldwide.




Alignment & Coordination

Better alignment in the digital health sector creates an environment where a comprehensive digital health ecosystem can be sustained while maximizing the impact of every dollar spent.

Digital Square identifies donors, country priorities, and promising initiatives in order to advocate for greater coordination—both technical and operational.

Global goods

Digital health global goods are replicable, interoperable software, services, and content that can be used in different countries and contexts.

Digital Square promotes the development, adoption, and reuse of digital health global goods.

Regional & Country Systems

Governments are leading digital transformations of health care systems at regional, national, and sub-national levels.

Digital Square strengthens the capacity of digital health leaders and technology experts to develop, use, and manage strong in-country digital health systems and strategies.


Transformative thinkers and doers will inspire renewed creativity to improve the accessibility, quality, and effectiveness of health care using digital approaches.
— Skye gilbert, executive director of digital square