How we work

Digital Square uses a co-investment model to coordinate investments into reusable, adaptable technology solutions called global goods.

How does Digital Square invest in global goods?

Several times a year, Digital Square holds a "call for proposals" where organizations can submit concept notes for new global goods via our Open Proposal Process & Platform (OPP&P). 

Our Peer Review Committee reviews submissions and makes recommendations for investment to our Governing Board.

The Governing Board is responsible for deciding which global goods we’ll invest in. The Board evaluates potential global goods according to several criteria: adaptability, scalability, ease of use, accessibility, and potential for impact.  

Global goods that are selected by the Governing Board receive funding through Digital Square. This mechanism ensures that the global goods that are appropriate in-context to country needs are scaled up across and between developing countries.

Banner photo: PATH/GabeBienczycki