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Potential Use of Automated Decision Support Systems to Improve Supply Chain Performance in the Global Health Context

Although public health supply chains in developing countries (PHSCiDC) are typically limited in terms of human resource capacity, these supply chains tend to use highly manual processes for many supply chain decisions, even ones that require sophisticated analyses. In the private sector, computerized decision support systems1 (DSS) are often utilized to help identify optimal decisions or probabilistic outcomes of different actions. DSS tools could in theory, be built for or adapted to work in public sector health supply chains to reduce the analytical and time demands on supply chain staff while improving outcomes. This RFI asks respondents to share information on their approach to 1) review past and current utilization of DSS in supply chain in both the private sector and developing country public health context, and 2) provide recommendations regarding the potential application of DSS within developing country public health supply chain context.

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