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African Alliance


Helping to grow a cadre of tech-savvy leaders, software developers, and digitally-literate healthcare workers in Africa.

The African Alliance of Digital Health Networks (African Alliance) provides a platform to cultivate the human capacity needed to develop strong national digital health systems. Promoting country ownership of digital innovation and offering a hub for south-south learning, the African Alliance fosters the sustainability of investments made through Digital Square.

The African Alliance leverages the strengths of local, national, and regional networks that already exist through: 

  • Building tangible skills via webinars, in-person trainings, and online courses.
  • Incubating and growing digital health experts and champions through fellowships for Ministries of Health and Ministries of ICT. 
  • Creating opportunities for peer learning through events like hackathons.

Help us build the African Alliance. Write to if you would like to get involved.

Banner photo: PATH/GabeBienczycki