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Digital Square Investing in 10 Proposals to Strengthen Digital Health Software Tools

Digital Square is pleased to announce that ten proposals were selected for investment as part of our second round of funding, Notice B. More information on the criteria for funding can be found in the Call for Proposals—Notice B, located on the Digital Square Wikipedia page. A total of $1.2 million is being invested into these digital health software tools. The funding recipients have also committed a total of $400,000 to co-invest alongside Digital Square’s funding.

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What to watch in 2018 in digital health: Conversations from the Global Digital Health Forum

Last month, more than 550 individuals in the digital health field – representing ministries of health, implementing organizations, and other partners – met for the fourth annual Global Digital Health Forum (GDHF) in Washington, DC. The conference, which experienced a 30 percent increase in participation from 2016, has established itself as a landmark annual event in the space. Over the course of three days, speakers and participants engaged in over 80 sessions, roundtables, and workshops to share lessons learned and best practices.

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