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Global Goods


Global goods are digital health tools that can be used in multiple countries.

Specifically, global goods are:

  • Easy to implement and scale.

  • Adaptable to different countries and contexts.

  • Often, though not exclusively, open-source.

  • Funded by multiple donors and supported by a variety of implementers.

  • Interoperable across commonly used systems.

Bringing global goods to national scale will strengthen data quality and use in countries around the world, enabling health workers and policymakers to make more evidence-based decisions to improve health outcomes.

Funding the development, adaptation, and adoption of global goods will also bring much needed efficiency to the digital health space, which is currently characterized by a high number of fragmented and siloed investments.


Digital Square uses an open process to promote the collaborative development of proposals for investments into new and existing global goods. An expert Peer Review Committee reviews global goods proposals according to technical and programmatic criteria and makes recommendations to the Digital Square Governing Board for investment.

For more information on global goods, please visit our wiki.

GLOBAL GOODs Guidebook

The Global Goods Guidebook showcases emergent and established global goods that are approved for investment through Digital Square. By better coordinating the development of digital health global goods, such as those presented in the guidebook, stakeholders involved in digital health can reduce duplication and ensure that platforms are not only more aligned with national priorities, but that they strengthen health systems.


Digital Square, in collaboration with members of the global digital health community, has been developing a global good maturity model. This product provides a way to understand how advanced different digital health tools are. It assesses the maturity of the tool across three dimensions:

  • Global utility

  • Community support

  • Software maturity

The global good maturity model provides concrete guidance for prioritizing investments into global goods.

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