Digital Square
Connecting the World for Better Health.

What we do

Coordinating the digital health sector


Alignment & Co-Investment

Better alignment and coordination in the digital health sector supports a healthy marketplace of digital health tools and approaches that can be sustained while maximizing the impact of every dollar spent to improve health equity.

Digital Square elevates country priorities, identifies promising opportunities for investment, and provides operational support to streamline the investment process.

$30 million

We coordinate more than $30 million from 13 digital health donors to maximize the impact of every dollar spent.

3 co-investment mechanisms

We have three established co-investment mechanisms and a unique, agile, collaborative procurement platform designed to meet the needs of the fast-moving digital health sector.

78 awards

We have disbursed more than $20 million across 78 awards supporting more than 40 partners in the digital health ecosystem.


Global Goods

Global goods are adaptable, interoperable, open source software or content designed to meet the data and management needs of country health systems.

Digital Square promotes the development, adoption, and reuse of digital health global goods. We partner with innovators to increase the availability, adaptability, and maturity of high-quality software, service, and content options for countries.

20 global goods

We have supported 20 global goods through 38 investments that provide core services to more than 50 countries.

Global Goods Community

Digital Square supports a community of global good developers and implementers with webinars and other services.

Global Goods Guidebook

Earlier this year, Digital Square published its first compendium of health software global goods in the Global Goods Guidebook.


Regional & Country Systems

Governments are leading digital transformation of health care systems at regional, national, and sub-national levels. Long-term sustainability requires new skillsets within health systems, which requires countries to reinforce both technical and operational capacity.

Digital Square promotes the voices and perspectives of country leaders in digital health to elevate the unique needs of countries. Digital Square strengthens the capacity of regional, national, and sub-national digital health leaders and technology experts to develop, use, and manage strong in-country digital health systems and strategies.

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Digital Health Capacity

We support more than 15 country governments and local technology developers to strengthen digital health capacity.

Country-level support

We replicate our investment coordination services at country level in four countries.