We believe in a world where digital health systems work for everyone.

Digital health can unlock better access to higher-quality services at lower costs – all at the same time. Countries around the world are transforming their health systems to take advantage of these tools and technologies, and the data they produce. Together, we want everyone, everywhere to benefit from health care enhanced by digital technologies and improve health outcomes worldwide.


Digital Square coordinates investments into smart, scalable technology solutions and creates an environment in which they can be sustained.

Digital Square aims to reinforce country efforts to develop sustainable national digital infrastructure, supported by coordinated investments and a selection of high-quality digital health tools, so that governments and decision-makers can access the information they need, when they need it, to ensure better health data and health outcomes for all.

Why Digital Square?

Digital technology moves faster than our usual way of working.

Over the last decade, the number of digital health projects increased rapidly – creating a new set of challenges for countries, donors, and partners alike. Pilot programs did not scale. Health workers were given too many new tools without enough training. And even good ideas were reinvented by different people in different places without learning from one another. Traditional models of donor and partner support were unable to keep up with this rapidly changing ecosystem. The result was growing skepticism and resistance to digital health, which we are just beginning to overcome.

Digital health equity requires better coordination.

Advances in digital technology will continue to improve health care. But without new ways of connecting these technologies to low-resource communities around the world, the gap in health equity will continue to increase. New models for investment, a focus on sustainability, stronger in-country capacity, and systems that connect seamlessly are needed for digital health to reach its full potential.