Digital Square
Connecting the World for Better Health.

What is Digital Square?

A thriving digital health marketplace


A world where appropriate use of digitally enabled health services closes the health equity gap.

Digital tools can provide better access to higher-quality health services at lower costs for all. Countries around the world are transforming their health systems to take advantage of the digital tools, approaches, and the data they produce as they work toward Universal Health Coverage. Successful transformations consider local infrastructure, capacity and other contextual factors in determining how digital tools can best support local health systems. While digital approaches vary across contexts, achieving health equity is increasingly reliant on ensuring everyone, everywhere, has access to and benefits from health care enhanced by appropriate digital technologies.


Digital Square coordinates investments into smart, scalable health technology solutions and creates an environment in which they can be sustained.

Strong digital health systems provide governments and decision-makers the information they need, when they need it, to ensure better health outcomes for all. Digital Square aims to strengthen country efforts to develop national digital health infrastructure. We ensure these efforts are supported by coordinated investments and a selection of high-quality digital health tools.

What is Digital Square?

Digital Square addresses the need for a thriving marketplace for digital health.

A historic lack of coordination in digital health has resulted in an imbalanced, disorganized marketplace where available tools and investment mechanisms do not match the long-term needs of countries or communities. To accelerate health equity through the development, adoption, scale, and delivery of digital health innovations, Digital Square focuses on creating better alignment and coordination.

Digital Square brings partners together to improve how the global community designs, uses, and pays for digital health tools and approaches. We work with innovators to advance adaptable, replicable tools that are designed to work together seamlessly. We work with governments and country-based technology experts to strengthen local capacity to implement and manage digital health programs. We work with donors to identify new ways to invest that ensure long-term success and align with country priorities. By strengthening the coordination among these partners, Digital Square reorients the market to better match tools and approaches to the needs of countries and communities.  

Digital Square brings technical, operational, and advocacy expertise to address well-recognized barriers to scaling digital health. Our strong partnerships across the sector allow us to identify barriers faced in different areas of the marketplace and collectively design new approaches to overcome them. Our work focuses on three key areas: alignment & coordination, global goods, and regional & country support. 

Photo: PATH/Gabe Bienczycki

Photo: PATH/Gabe Bienczycki