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External Documents and Reports


External Documents and Reports



It will take more than sheer political will to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This report dives into how the technology sector can co-work with other sectors to harness the power of digital technology in order to attain these ambitions goals.


The State of Broadband: Broadband catalyzing sustainable development| September 2017

This Report explores how broadband technologies, and ICTs more generally, can help improve the speed, degree, and equality of our pace to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


the mobile economy | GSMA 2016 Report

The rapid growth of digital technology has transformed the world. This Report highlights the opportunity for those who work in digital fields to capitalize on this wave of innovation and outlines the future potential of mobile technology.


Fighting ebola with information | A report form USaId

USAID discusses the role that digital technology and data played in responding to the Ebola outbreak in late 2013. In order to prevent and mitigate future threats, the Report recommends strengthening investments in human, institutional, and policy and regulatory enabling ecosystems to support the effective use of data.


Global Health and the Future Role of the United States | Report from the national Academy of Sciences Engineering and Medicine 

In a matter of urgent national interest the Academy reviews and concludes the importance of the United States maintaining a leadership position in Global Health.