Digital Square
Connecting the World for Better Health.

What We do


Too often digital health investments—and the technologies they support—are siloed. Digital Square offers a simple but powerful new solution to this challenge:

Development dollars are scarce. Through co-investment, we maximize the impact of digital health financing from individuals and organizations in public and private sectors. 

We direct these coordinated investments into reusable, adaptable technology solutions—called global goods—that have been proven to work. Digital Square then helps bring global goods to scale in developing countries and create a sustainable environment in which they can thrive.

The result? Fewer siloes. Better connected health systems. Better data, leading to more informed decision making, and ultimately, better health outcomes. 

What we do:



Coordinate investments in proven digital technology to maximize the impact of every dollar spent.



Scale global good technologies that can be adapted to different countries and contexts.



Create digital market readiness by building capacity with governments, local technology developers, and health workers.

Banner photo: PATH/GabeBienczycki