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Digital Square Investing in 10 Proposals to Strengthen Digital Health Software Tools

Digital Square is pleased to announce that ten proposals were selected for investment as part of our second round of funding, Notice B. More information on the criteria for funding can be found in the Call for Proposals—Notice B, located on the Digital Square Wikipedia page. A total of $1.2 million is being invested into these digital health software tools. The funding recipients have also committed a total of $400,000 to co-invest alongside Digital Square’s funding.

Through Notice B, Digital Square is investing in the following proposals:

·   Strengthening the Open Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (OpenCRVS) System

·   Strengthening and Expanding the Open Health Information Mediator (OpenHIM)

·   DHIS2 Community of Practice

·   Illuminate Data with a DHIS2 Business Intelligence Connector

·  OpenMRS Sync 2.0 Module Development, Implementations and Maintenance

·  Packaging OpenSRP for Scale and Community-Driven National Adoption

·  Global Healthsites Mapping Project: Building a Curated Open Data Commons of  Facility Data with OpenStreetMap

·  Building an Open Source LIS Technologies Community of Practice

·  OpenLMIS Advocacy and Community Engagement

·  Expanding the Bahmni Hospital System as a FOSS Project

Digital Square invests in existing digital health software tools to ensure they are properly resourced for sustained development. To be eligible for funding, software tools must  be global goods, which are adaptable to different countries and contexts, and are often Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). More information on what qualifies as a global good, and what a mature global good looks like, can be found on our Wikipedia page.

Notice B was implemented using an Open Proposal Process and Platform (OPP&P) hosted by the University California, San Francisco. Concept notes and proposals were publicly posted, giving submitters the opportunity to find collaborators and provide and receive feedback from peers. The iterative feedback and proposal process allowed submitters to refine and strengthen their concepts before final submission. More information on our proposal process can be found here.

Digital Square’s next round of investment for digital health software global goods, Notice C, launched on June 19, 2018. Concept notes are due on our new Open Proposal Platform by July 20, 2018.