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Shared points of Interest: Maps helping to coordinate digital health

Maps are an important visualization tool. They translate information from values and text fields into something we can grasp more quickly. Throughout the global health sector, maps are being used to bring transparency to data sets in new ways—and to help foster coordination in delivering effective health programs. 

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GOFR-Connect: Unlocking Subdistrict Data in Guinea

Jean Mory Millimono sits in an office at the Regional Health Directorate in Faranah, Guinea. As a Statistics Manager, Jean works with data to better understand the health of more than 900,000 people in his region. He uses the data available to him through Guinea’s health information management system—District Health Information System 2 (DHIS2)—to better understand the health services and needs of these communities. However, until recently, data in DHIS2 could only be analyzed at the regional, district, and health facility level, keeping Jean and his counterparts in other subdistricts from effectively monitoring health indicators and comparing the performance of facilities within the same municipality.

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Beyond Interoperability: Working together in the age of digital health

The Global Goods Guidebook is the newest addition to the resources supporting greater collaboration in the digital health sector.  

Digital health is experiencing unprecedented growth in coordination and collaboration. Governments, funders, technology experts, and implementers, are working together in new and innovative ways. Collaboration requires shared language, shared values, and a shared vision. Many of these were codified in 2015 with the Principles of Digital Development—a set of nine principles that guide our actions and partnerships. Then last year, donors endorsed a set of Digital Investment Principles. The Digital Investment Principles describe the role investors have in promoting scalable, sustainable, accessible, interoperable, and evidence-based digital health systems. Both sets of principles have rallied  stakeholders around our shared responsibility to help countries meet their digital health needs. 

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Solving the Sync Challenge: OpenMRS Sync 2.0

Digital health continues to change the way health systems reach communities around the world. However, when internet connectivity is limited or intermittent, health workers do not reap the full benefits of digital tools. This is a barrier that SolDevelo is working to remove. Last year, SolDevelo began working on a new module for the Open Medical Record System (OpenMRS), an open source medical records platform.

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