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Coordinating Digital Transformation: Three Case Studies

Digital technology has changed the way health information is collected, used, and communicated, and it has the potential to dramatically improve health service delivery. Health workers are better able to track and serve patients, health officials are better able to allocate resources, and patients have greater access to information to fulfill their health care needs. However, poor coordination in the digital health sector has led to duplicate systems, fragmented data, and frustration for health workers, decision-makers, and patients alike. The sector is recognizing this historic lack of coordination as a barrier to its collective success. To address it, governments and donors are forging a new way forward.

The Coordinating Digital Transformation case study series explores three examples of how stakeholders came together to create mechanisms for coordinating digital health investments and implementations, and as a result are improving the quality and use of health data.

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Beyond Interoperability: Working together in the age of digital health

The Global Goods Guidebook is the newest addition to the resources supporting greater collaboration in the digital health sector.  

Digital health is experiencing unprecedented growth in coordination and collaboration. Governments, funders, technology experts, and implementers, are working together in new and innovative ways. Collaboration requires shared language, shared values, and a shared vision. Many of these were codified in 2015 with the Principles of Digital Development—a set of nine principles that guide our actions and partnerships. Then last year, donors endorsed a set of Digital Investment Principles. The Digital Investment Principles describe the role investors have in promoting scalable, sustainable, accessible, interoperable, and evidence-based digital health systems. Both sets of principles have rallied  stakeholders around our shared responsibility to help countries meet their digital health needs. 

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A Digital Vision of Health Equity

Digital Square is pleased to announce its new Executive Director, Skye Gilbert. 

In this role, Skye will help guide the future of Digital Square’s co-investment, global goods, country capacity, and regional partnership work. When she is not busy driving towards health equity, Skye can be found rock climbing or skiing in the mountains. Read more about her motivation for leading Digital Square.

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Global Digital Health Forum: Washington, DC, Dec. 10-11

The Digital Square team, along with other members of PATH’s Digital Health Program will be joining colleagues and collaborators from around the world for the 2018 Global Digital Health Forum. This year, the Forum explores how new frameworks like the Classifications of Digital Health Interventions can help us design a shared language for digital health. With a shared language, digital health practitioners are better able to create holistic, seamless digital health systems that make use of different tools, partners, and workflows to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of a country’s health care system.

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